About Us

Our Company

Founded in Navi-Mumbai (India) in 2016, Airtron offers engineering solutions for a wide spectrum of housing, commercial and industries in areas of Heating, Ventilation and Air conditioning (HVAC) by combining the power of innovation and product quality to passionately deliver world class services.

It’s our goal to surpass the expectations of each customer we service on a daily basis. Taking time to listen to the needs of each customer we work with is a focus point for the team at Airtron. We use advanced technology in rendering prompt and efficient services.

We are led by a team having an in-depth knowledge. Apart from providing turnkey solutions encompassing designing, installing, and servicing HVAC systems for our clients, Airtron undertakes annual maintenance contracts (AMC). We genuinely take the load off the shoulders off busy client managers, who can focus on other vital issues in their areas of responsibilities; we use our comprehensive design expertise to deliver solutions that are aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. We can serve as a strategic HVAC partner that you can rely on throughout the lifespan of your air conditioning systems.

Why Airtron?
  • We provide honest and transparent communication to all customers, vendors, suppliers and partners.
  • We treat every customer and employee equally – as a member of our family.
  • We continually train each employee to stay on top of new technology, HVAC service solutions and energy efficiency standards.
  • We truly enjoy what we do for a living. Our passion for HVAC is our way of life.
  • Contact us today to learn how we can keep your HVAC systems running smooth, efficient and strong around the clock.

We look forward to working with you soon.

Industries we serve

  • Hospitality :- Hotels, Restaurants, Clubs, Bars & Pubs, Discotheques and Banquet Halls
  • Health Care :- Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Operation Theaters, Nurseries, Burn Wards, Clinics, Health Clubs and Spas
  • Commercial Areas :- Offices, Super Markets, Conference Rooms, Shopping Plazas, Airports and Auditoriums, Banks
  • Residential, Educational & Recreational Areas :- School, Institutes, Auditoriums, Bowling Alleys, Green Homes
  • Agriculture and Horticulture :- Green Houses,Vegetable & Fruit Storage,Mushroom farming,Seed Farming and Horticulture,Poultry
  • Industrial and Commercial :- Office complexes,Manufacturing Facilities,Workshops,Commercial Centres,Shopping Complexes,Restaurants,Residential Buildings,Gymnasiums,Textile Processing,Gas Turbine Plants
  • Processing Industries :- Production and Processing,Packaging,Product Drying,Desiccant based Cooling,Storage,Production and Processing,Packaging,Product Drying,Desiccant based Cooling