hvls Fan

Our HVLS fans are able to drive a large volume of air in a very large space and can circulate air in a space of 20 meters from the center of the fan. The fans are designed in such a way that a cylindrical column of air flows down to the floor and then outward in all directions.

These fans area capable of delivering breeze of up to 2-3 mph which provides a reduction of 7-11 degree reduction in temperature, keeping the people and the environment cool & comfortable. The special feature which provides balance air circulation reduces stagnant air, hot and cold spots, and condensation, keeping food and produce dry and fresh and reducing spoilage.

The fan have benefits all year-round. They keep your facility cool in the summer and, in the colder months, they can be used for destratification. Ultimately, they’ll create a more comfortable environment while saving on energy costs.